The Right: Watch One Surfer's Jaw-Dropping, Firsthand Footage

Inside The Right
Mick Corbett's inside look at one of Australia's scariest big waves.

Mick Corbett (AUS) knows a thing or two about charging some of Australia's most massive waves. At last year's Big Wave Awards he was nominated in two categories a -- XXL Biggest Wave and Tube -- and has already submitted performances to those categories for the 2016 Awards.

Recently, Corbett was towed into The Right, a heavy slab off the coast of Western Australia, on what he considered to be a mediocre day. But a look inside the barrels he caught through a GoPro puts the gravity of big wave surfing into perspective. Corbett described the day's events:

"We went out to The Right that day thinking that it was going to be a little small and inconsistent with what the buoys were reading. But to our surprise it was consistent and there were a few large lumps coming through. The wind was blowing onshore and it was cold. There was no one around except for one other tow team and a photographer in the channel."

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"At the start of the session there were a lot of large barrels coming through, but, as the swell started to drop and the tide started to change, a lot of the waves started to chandelier and shutdown. This makes it hard because when you're down the wave already you can't pull off and the only way out is through the barrel.

"At one point during the session I got three waves in a row that shut down, each around 15-to-20 feet. At The Right it's pretty rare to come out unscathed and if you're pushing it out there you generally pay to play. But in saying that you will also more than likely get the barrel of your life if you're willing to put it all on the line. The Right is far from a perfect wave when it's like this but it still gives the rush and the vision every big wave surfer chases."

Frame By Frame

Mick Corbett GoPro (1/8)
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Mick Corbett GoPro (1/8)
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