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WSL's Top Surfers in Powerful Cure for MND Foundation Video

WSL legends Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, Bede Durbidge and Josh Kerr have joined forces with the Cure for MND Foundation by taking part in a powerful new video created to raise awareness of the disease. The Australian surf legends have been recruited along with many of the world's best athletes to join the fight for a cure.

Elite Join Fight Against Motor Neuron Diseases
Elite surfers help raise awareness for The Cure MND Foundation during the 2015 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach.

The video is beautifully shot and edited, with mesmerizing footage of them doing their thing. Fanning, Parko, Durbidge and Kerr (along with shaping legend Maurice Cole) expound upon the deeper meanings and lessons surfing provides. Ultimately they get to the risks of big surf, describing what it's like to be tossed into the unknown, and the helpless feeling of being trapped underwater unable to breathe. To those who suffer from MND, the symptoms of the neurological disorder have been compared to drowning slowly. Someone dies from MND every 12 minutes.

Motor neurons control all of our muscle activity. Motor Neuron Diseases (like ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease) begin by affecting more complex movements. But as these diseases progresses, simple tasks like speaking, swallowing, and breathing become impossible as the muscles required fail.

Sadly, there is no cure. And the causes of this disease are still largely unknown, which is why the push for research is so vital. If you'd like to join these guys in the fight to raise awareness we urge you to visit The Cure for MND Foundation.

"If you truly believe in something get up and do it," says Fanning. "That's the only way anything's going to get done in this world."

Mick Fanning is one of many sporting greats lending support to the Cure for MND Foundation.
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Mick Fanning is one of many sporting greats lending support to the Cure for MND Foundation.
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