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Big Wave Season Isn't Over Yet

The Big Wave Awards season for 2015/2016 is less than two weeks away from closing on March 15 and the submissions keep on coming. El Nino has been kind in the Pacific Ocean especially to the north shores of Hawaii, from which a number of Billabong Ride of the Year have been delivered. And with Surfline tracking another massive swell in the region for the coming days, Mother Nature isn't finished yet. Check out six of the latest submissions below, all of which happened in the last week.

Shane Dorian joins Jamie O'Brien during the Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau on February 25, 2016. Video by Shannon Reporting.

At the Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau sharing is part of the spirit of the legendary event, as long as no surfer disrupts the ride of his fellow charger. Hawaii natives Shane Dorian and Jamie O'Brien saw one of the biggest sets of the day and both had the same thought, "Eddie would go." More unique when it comes to Big Wave Award submissions, the pair were submitted together for the Billabong Ride of the Year category.

Niccolo Porcella journeys down a king-sized face at Jaws on February 25, 2016. Video by Marcus Rodrigues.
Axi Muniain left his Atlantic home to lay into a speedy turn on a rare tow day at Jaws on February 25, 2016. Video by Marcus Rodrigues.

Axi Muniain is from Basque Country, Spain, but he didn't pass up the opportunity to tow-in at Jaws last week. Halfway around the world Muniain finds himself on a gargantuan swell and into the Big Wave Award submissions.

Albee Layer causally drops in weightlessly then tucks under the lip at Jaws, Maui, Hawaii on February 25, 2016. Video by Carlo Carbajal.

By now everybody has seen Albee Layer's barrel over on Maui the same day the Eddie ran, but there may be a few angles that you missed. Luckily, with the amount of videographers present for big wave sessions today they didn't, so here are a few more looks at Albee's latest Billabong Ride of the Year submission.

Albee Layer threads his way through the vortex of an unspeakably deep tube at Jaws, on February 25, 2016. Video by Jake Miller.

Tahitian Tikanui Smith is known for frequently submitted Tube Award entries from Code Red swells over at Teahupo'o. But on the most recent run of swell he opted to head over to the not too distant island chain of Hawaii and throw his hat in the ring in another category. His skills transfer well to say the least.

Tikanui Smith transfers his Teahupoo techniques to the biggest day of the year in the at Jaws on February 26, 2016. Video by Marcus Rodgrigues.
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