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Jack Robinson: Hollow Ground

Jack Robinson isn't exactly lighting up the Qualifying Series at the moment. In fact, the West Australian slab hunter is ranked No. 119, which means he's a long way from qualifying.

The fact that he's not a CT threat at the moment has a lot of Tour surfers breathing a heavy sigh of relief, too, because "Robo" is widely considered one of the best surfers on the planet when waves are mutating into heaving caverns, the way they do at Teahupo'o, Pipeline, or several of his Western Australian secret spots.

Last year Robinson, at the age of 17, won the Pipeline Invitational, a prestigious trials event for the Billabong Pipe Masters; famous for its stacked field of high-caliber local talent. His mastery in the hollow stuff has earned him big kudos from the world's best, including John John Florence and Kelly Slater.

And while Jack has no plans on slowing down in the good stuff, he's just as eager to refine his small-wave game, in the hopes that someday he can make his CT dream a reality.

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