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Keanu Asing Makes Crunch-Time Comeback to Make Quarters

In the final seconds of Round Five Keanu Asing found an opportunity in the tricky high-tide lineup, and capitalized. He was in need of a 6.03 to turn the heat against Stu Kennedy, who led from the opening wire. Stu also held priority as the clock ticked down, but he let Asing have what looked like a harmless little left. Unfortunately for Stu it turned into a grower, and Asing quickly found his flow in the steep left, banging away for a 6.5, and his first-ever trip to the Quarterfinals on the Championship Tour.

It was dagger to the heart for Kennedy, who's battling for rookie of the year, and world tour survival. A trip to the Quarters would have helped his cause, and being seconds away is a tough pill to swallow. Fortunately he managed to better his situation at the Quiksilver Pro with a solid 9th-place finish.

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