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Tour Stephen Bell's Landmark EuroGlass Factory in France

The EuroGlass surfboard factory in Hossegor is the epitome of surfing's global footprint and role in innovation. Founded by Australian surfer Stephen "Belly" Bell decades ago in Hossegor -- home of the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro France contests -- the factory is part of the fabric of the industry. Despite having never been a pro surfer himself, Belly has been a regular on tour for over 30 years, and is also the Quiksilver team manager. Through his work with athletes, he also became a close friend and counselor to Kelly Slater. More recently, he's also been coach and step-dad to Quiksilver young gun Leo Fioravanti.

EuroGlass has become a frequent pit stop for the pros -- a place to get their boards tuned and pick up new tricks of the trade. Peter Mel and Belly take us through the factory and show us why it's considered a Hossegor institution.

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