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Post Show Report: Plots Thicken at MEO Rip Curl Pro

John John Florence advanced to the Semifinals of the MEO Rip Curl Pro Monday, where he's chasing what many believe to be his destiny. The Jeep Leader earned a commanding Quarterfinal victory over an in-form Julian Wilson, and now only two surfers stand between Florence and his first World Title.

The first surfer in his way is Kolohe Andino, who surfed a brilliant Quarterfinal match against reigning World Champion Adriano de Souza. Andino's 17.34 total was the second-highest score of the day.

The day's highest heat total belonged to Jordy Smith, the only other man who can force this title race to go to Pipeline. Smith blitzed his way past Sebastian Zietz thanks to an incredible tube that earned him a perfect 10. If Smith can get past rookie Conner Coffin and then win the event, he'll keep his own World Title hopes alive.

Coffin, meanwhile, just rescued his CT status for 2017 with his wins today. Not only has he busted back into the Top 22, he's climbed back in the Rookie of the Year race.

The WSL desk crew broke it all down.

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