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Freddy P Talks Biggest Regrets

Freddy Patacchia (HAW) recently sat down with Stab magazine to talk about everyone's least favorite subject: Regret. As an introduction to the piece, the ever-charismatic surfer said, "I'm pretty unapologetic about most things. I'm outspoken in everything I do. I look at almost everything as life experience, and because of that I don't regret much. This was a difficult interview!" Below are some of Freddy P's responses.

JUMPING OFF SNAPPER: I regret ever trying to jump off the Snapper Rock. I've chipped a tooth, I've broken boards and I just don't do it anymore. The first time I tried I didn't know when to jump, so I went right as a wave was coming and it popped my board into my face, chipped my tooth and washed me back onto the rocks. Then the next time I jumped off it pushed me back into the rock and broke a fin before I even got to surf. So I'm scared of the whole thing and I refuse to do it anymore. I wish I never tried.

Fred Patacchia paddles back to the lineup as his fans cheer him on. Putting Snapper Rocks behind him. WSL / Kelly Cestari/ ASP

I WISH I HAD KIDS SOONER: My kids are pretty awesome and they're a lot of fun. I want to have a big family, too, and it would have been nice to start sooner. I have a little girl that's two, Lily, and we're expecting another in five months. If I had gotten to experience the joy of having kids earlier I might be on my third right now rather than my second. I'm thinking I'd like three as a minimum, five or six maximum, but it's not really my decision. We'll see how much my wife lets me go for it.

COMING IN LATE ON MY NEW DIET: I regret not going on this diet that I've been on for the last year-and-a-half. I feel great now. Eating the correct foods really makes a difference, especially if you want to be an athlete and compete at the highest level. I didn't realize that when I was a kid. I ate whatever I wanted and thought that training could get me through everything but you need that combination of both training and diet. It makes such a difference as a professional athlete.

Fred Patacchia 2014 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach WSL / Kelly Cestari

BUT, I DON'T GOT ANY REGRETS, SURF-WISE: I don't have a lot of free surf regrets. I don't mind missing waves. I'm not one of those guys that froths out saying, Oh, Snapper is gonna be good, or here is gonna be good, I need to be there and I'll freak out if I miss out. I'm one of those guys that's more here for the good time. I have a lot of heat regrets but if you don't have of those you're never gunna learn from any of your mistakes. I have a cumulative of regrets in heats, not just one in particular.

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