GoPro WLC China with Moniz

Kelia Moniz is a two-time ASP World Longboard Champion after winning the ASP World Longboard Championships in China the past two years. When you combine that with her runner-up finish at the inaugural event in 2011, it's fair she knows Riyue Bay better than anyone. The young Hawaiian goofy-footer, who combines power carves with elegant nose rides, shared her thoughts on the upcoming GoPro World Longboard Championship, China presented by Wanning.

Kelia Moniz Kelia, on fire, on the nose. WSL / Will Hayden- Smith

ASP: What's it like surfing in China?
Kelia Moniz: I didn't really know what to expect the first year going to China. It wasn't on my destination radar, but it definitely exceeded my expectations. Although there's not much there, I think that's what I appreciated most about it. The culture is so raw and the people so beautiful. When people ask me about surfing in china? I just say — 'Yeah, it's probably the last place you would think of going to for surf, but you heard right, the waves are so fun.'

ASP: What are you looking forward to the most?
KM: I'm really looking forward being able to hang with all the girls, surf a perfect left hand point break, hang in a baller resort for 10 days, and hopefully win the contest.

Association Of Surfing Professionals Women's World Longboard Tour Event 2011 Kelia walking the plank with style. WSL / Will Hayden-Smith

What are you doing to prepare?
KM: I've been spending this month in Hawaii getting as much time in the water as I can when the waves are fun and playful. I don't really mess with the big scary stuff. I surf one contest a year. I don't even think I know how to get into comp mode. I also don't surf well under pressure, so when the contest does come around I just try to just think about having fun and surf like it's just another day to keep the jitters away.

2013 Swatch Girls Pro China Podium.
WSL / Will Hayden- Smith
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2013 Swatch Girls Pro China Podium.
WSL / Will Hayden- Smith
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